Interview. Congressional Candidate Elissa Slotkin Runs in Michigan

Elissa Slotkin talks about growing up on a farm, working for the CIA as a Middle East Analyst and the impact her mom has had on her life.

When we asked her about the moment she decided to run Elissa had this to say, “The big moment was when the House of Representatives decided to repeal the ACA last year. For me, because of my mom’s illness (she has since passed away from ovarian cancer) this is very personal. My mom’s insurance lapsed and they wouldn’t do the tests she needed until they had the check for thousands of dollars to cover the costs.”

Elissa talked about what she thinks the impact will be with so many women running for political office, “There are amazing stories of women running for the first time. Stories of competent people running. And what really changes is when you have a big group of people coming in. That’s when you have real cultural change.”

Find out more about Elissa Slotkin, who’s running for Congress in Michigan’s 8th District:

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