1 Minute Travel Highlights. Good Bye Texas.

It’s been a great few days in Texas on our Women2018 adventure. From Austin to San Antonio to Houston. We’ve met great candidates, had delicious meals, cruised down a river and drove a lot of miles (and flew a few too).

Now we’re back to California. Then off to Michigan to interview more candidates.

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See you on our next adventure!

1 Minute Highlights. Houston, Texas. Houston Hobby Airport. Massage Chair.

Airports aren’t just for getting on planes. There are lots of mini-adventures as you walk toward your gate. Like massage chairs! Did you know they’re in most airports? And very inexpensive. $1 for 3 minutes.

We’re headed back to LAX (Los Angeles)…And off to Michigan next. Stay tuned.

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1 Minute Highlights. Houston, Texas. Potente restaurant. Part 2. Convo with Our Waiter.

It never fails on our Women2018 adventure. We had the perfect table and the perfect waiter. A great convo about women (and the men who support them) and politics. Meet Andrew.

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1 Minute Travel Highlights. Houston Texas. Potente Restaurant. Part 1.

After a great day interviewing Congressional candidate Lizzie Fletcher (www.LizzieFletcher.com) we sat in the Westin hotel lounge and had a fascinating conversation about women and politics with the cocktail hostess. It was truly enlightening. Too tired to hop in another ride share, we decided to walk across the street and voila…this wonderful new Houston restaurant had a table for two (it was Friday at 7pm!). Check it out. PotenteHouston.com

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1 Minute Travel Highlights. Houston Hiccup. The Long, Wrong Ride.

It’s been a whirlwind trip. We flew to Austin two days ago. Interviewed Dr. Christine Mann (christine4congress.com) Then drove to San Antonio to interview Gina Ortiz Jones (ginaortizjones.com) and finally, we flew to Houston to interview Lizzie Fletcher (lizziefletcher.com) With adventure comes glitches. We eventually got to Lizzie’s office but it was a very long and wrong route. Check out what happens.

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1 Minute Travel Highlights. San Antonio Restaurants. Dinner along the Riverwalk. Part 1.

So…did we find a restaurant for dinner in San Antonio along the river?

Our saga continues on our San Antonio Women2018 adventure. We’re in search of a great restaurant for dinner. It’s been a great day interviewing Gina Ortiz Jones (www.GinaOrtizJones.com) then taking a walk along the river, then a little “river cruise” in the water taxi. Our driver raved about a restaurant along the water. We take his advice. Not quite what we’re looking for. The search continues. The adventure is always great.

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1 Minute Travel Highlights. San Antonio, Texas’s “Panama Canal”

San Antonio is filled with travel highlights. The river in the middle of the city is one of them. As we’re cruising down the river in the boat taxi, the boat has to go through the locks. Sort of like the Panama Canal on a much smaller scale. Another Women2018 adventure.

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1 Minute Travel Highlights. Cruising on the San Antonio, Texas, River

We’re on the river in San Antonio. It’s more like a water taxi than a river cruise. San Antonio is a great city with lots to do. Along the river are restaurants and cool buildings. A great way to get a sense of San Antonio. Come along with us on this unique adventure in the middle of San Antonio.

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1 Minute Travel Highlights. San Antonio Riverwalk.

We’re feeling great after our interview with Gina Ortiz Jones. Now it’s time for some travel adventures. We’re staying at The Westin in San Antonio along the riverwalk. When we looked out from our balcony, voila! Riverboats everywhere! So we’re off to hop on one. Come with us on our river walk.Check out all of our travel highlights and our Women2018 interviews. Go to: Women2018.0rg.