Detroit Metro Airport. I Minute Travel Highlights. Andiamo Restaurant.

Who would have thought an airport restaurant would be so fancy? Well there is one. At Gate A- 30 in the Delta terminal, Andiamo is a little slice of heaven and they’ve been nominated for the Best New Food & Concept Award. My mom said it was the best lasagna she’s ever had! Wow. Women2018 on the road is full of surprises. And our wait person was spectacular.

Check out Andiamo.

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1 Minute Highlights. Map Mania in Michigan

Women2018 is on the road in Michigan interviewing 4 more candidates. How do we find the locations? Google Maps of Course. But my mother loves her old school, hard copy map. It’s a constant battle. I just listen to our Google Maps British guide (we call her Ros). And my mom insists on referring to her map.

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1 Minute Travel Highlights. Lost Purse at LAX.

Every Women2018 adventure has its moments. Its glitches. And as the saying goes, ‘it’s not what happens that matters, it’s how you deal with what happens.’ In other words, go with the flow. We’re heading to Michigan for a 2 day marathon of interviewing Women2018 candidates. We get through security at LAX. All is flowing. Then I suddenly realize I don’t have my purse. (Too many bags, cords, gadgets to keep track of!)…see what happens.

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1 Minute Travel Highlights. Good Bye Texas.

It’s been a great few days in Texas on our Women2018 adventure. From Austin to San Antonio to Houston. We’ve met great candidates, had delicious meals, cruised down a river and drove a lot of miles (and flew a few too).

Now we’re back to California. Then off to Michigan to interview more candidates.

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See you on our next adventure!

1 Minute Highlights. Houston, Texas. Houston Hobby Airport. Massage Chair.

Airports aren’t just for getting on planes. There are lots of mini-adventures as you walk toward your gate. Like massage chairs! Did you know they’re in most airports? And very inexpensive. $1 for 3 minutes.

We’re headed back to LAX (Los Angeles)…And off to Michigan next. Stay tuned.

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1 Minute Highlights. Houston, Texas. Potente restaurant. Part 2. Convo with Our Waiter.

It never fails on our Women2018 adventure. We had the perfect table and the perfect waiter. A great convo about women (and the men who support them) and politics. Meet Andrew.

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Check out Potente too.