Interview: Congressional Candidate Patti Piatt

Patti Piatt, congressional candidate in Kentucky’s District 4, talks about juggling three jobs, going to college and being a single mom, then becoming a corporate executive and losing a son.

When we asked Patti about the moment she decided to run, she had this to say:

“First, I wrote a letter to Congress in the 7th grade. Then I was going to go to law school and run for Congress, but life got in the way. And years later at the 2017 Women’s March I saw all these women standing together. From that moment on I knew, this was the time.”

She had this to say about what the impact will be with so many women running for political office:

“Instead of a room full of old guys deciding what’s best for women, we get a voice in the room. And that’s what we need.”

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