Interview: Denise Gray Runs for State Senate in Kentucky

Tracy and Kathy talk to Denise about how she changed careers from law to Special Education and now is running for Kentucky’s District 28 Senate seat.

When we asked her about the moment she decided to run for State Senate of Kentucky, she said, “There were several moments. But, there was one specific moment. She was a student at one of the schools where I teach. I found her crying in the library one day. I asked her, ‘what’s wrong?’ She said, ‘Miss Gray, I can’t do anything in life.’ She thought it was because she was a girl, Latina and because she’s poor. I said to her, ‘I’m a girl, my mom is from South America and I’m definitely not rich, so you can definitely do anything with your life. It was at that moment I realized she needed to see someone of color, someone who’s a girl, who could to go out and make a change and make a difference.”

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