Don’t Vent. Vote.

Our slogan “Don’t Vent, Vote” is inspired by Pres. Obama, who used to tell his followers who booed their opponents, “Don’t boo. Vote.”

One thought on “Don’t Vent. Vote.”

  1. Thank you for doing this Tracy and Kathy!! I just saw Marianne Williamson last week live in San Diego on her “Love America” tour. Bought her book “Healing the Soul of America – Reclaiming our Voices as Spiritual Citizens”. Her message is so in alignment with yours…don’t “hate” (vent) but use love and get ACTIVE in a positive way and find what you can do for change! Change politicians, change laws! I told her about your endeavors, site and mission as well. She sparked a LOT of movement within the audience and with the recent political climate, we’re all being called into “action.” Love following your travels and interviews and totally support and applaud your cause, efforts, time and forward-thinking movement empowering women to “rise and shine…and VOTE” – now more than ever!

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