Detroit Metro Airport. I Minute Travel Highlights. Andiamo Restaurant.

Who would have thought an airport restaurant would be so fancy? Well there is one. At Gate A- 30 in the Delta terminal, Andiamo is a little slice of heaven and they’ve been nominated for the Best New Food & Concept Award. My mom said it was the best lasagna she’s ever had! Wow. Women2018 on the road is full of surprises. And our wait person was spectacular.

Check out Andiamo.

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Interview. Katie Porter Runs for Congress in California.

Katie Porter is a longtime Cubmaster (her daughter is now a Cub Scout too!) consumer financial protection attorney, law professor and author of three books. But that’s not all. Katie Porter is running for Congress in California’s 45th Congressional District.

When we asked Katie about what the impact will be with so many women running for political office, she had this to say:

“This is an Incredibly important moment. I think it’s a time to not only to transform the composition of Congress, but the progress that we make on policy issues.”

“My Mentor Elizabeth Warren said, ‘Electing more women is not something we do for women, it’s something we do for America.’”

Katie continued, “We’ve seen it over and over again; That women lead in different ways. In ways that add to the productivity of Congress. It’s not just women coming into leadership but all voters supporting women in leadership.”

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1 Minute Highlights. Map Mania in Michigan

Women2018 is on the road in Michigan interviewing 4 more candidates. How do we find the locations? Google Maps of Course. But my mother loves her old school, hard copy map. It’s a constant battle. I just listen to our Google Maps British guide (we call her Ros). And my mom insists on referring to her map.

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1 Minute Travel Highlights. Lost Purse at LAX.

Every Women2018 adventure has its moments. Its glitches. And as the saying goes, ‘it’s not what happens that matters, it’s how you deal with what happens.’ In other words, go with the flow. We’re heading to Michigan for a 2 day marathon of interviewing Women2018 candidates. We get through security at LAX. All is flowing. Then I suddenly realize I don’t have my purse. (Too many bags, cords, gadgets to keep track of!)…see what happens.

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Interview. Congressional Candidate Elissa Slotkin Runs in Michigan

Elissa Slotkin talks about growing up on a farm, working for the CIA as a Middle East Analyst and the impact her mom has had on her life.

When we asked her about the moment she decided to run Elissa had this to say, “The big moment was when the House of Representatives decided to repeal the ACA last year. For me, because of my mom’s illness (she has since passed away from ovarian cancer) this is very personal. My mom’s insurance lapsed and they wouldn’t do the tests she needed until they had the check for thousands of dollars to cover the costs.”

Elissa talked about what she thinks the impact will be with so many women running for political office, “There are amazing stories of women running for the first time. Stories of competent people running. And what really changes is when you have a big group of people coming in. That’s when you have real cultural change.”

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Interview. Congressional Candidate Fayrouz Saad Runs in Michigan

Michigander Congressional candidate, Fayrouz Saad talks about her involvement with Detroit’s revitalization project and how her parents came to the U.S. over 40 years ago and inspired her to go for her dreams.

When we asked Fayrouz about what she learned from her parents, she said, “They taught me there are so many opportunities here if I work hard. I am the product of the American Dream.”

And what about the impact of so many women running in 2018? Fayrouz had this to say, “Women are changing the face and definition of leadership and power in this country.”

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Interview. Kristine Bonds’ Run For Congress in Michigan.

Kristin Bonds is running for Congress in the 11th District in Michigan. She talks about how her famous father (Bill Bonds) impacted her life and encouraged her to go for her dreams.

We asked Kristine about any advice her dad had for her. She said, “My dad told me to work hard, work smart and that there are no boundaries.”

Kristine reflected on the moment she decided to run for congress, “I remember reading a book on Lincoln and Washington. I fell in love with their character and what they did for this country. And, I have a very supportive spouse.”

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