Interview: Texas Congressional Candidate & Proud Houstonian Lizzie Fletcher

Lizzie Fletcher loves her city, Houston, Texas. That’s one of the reasons she’s running for Congress in the 7th District. Like all of the women we interview, Lizzie is running for the first time.

When we asked her about the moment she decided to run, Lizzie had this to say:

“I wondered, ‘where are all the grownups? Where are the people who are supposed to be looking out for us?’ I went to a town hall last Spring and I thought, ‘I can do better. I want to. And I’m going to.'”

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Interview: Gina Ortiz Jones Talks About Her Path To Congress in Texas

Gina Ortiz Jones talks about her mother’s impact on her life, getting an ROTC scholarship, being an Air Force Intelligence Officer in the military and now her political path in the 23rd District of Texas’s Congressional race.

When we asked her about the impact her mother has had on her life, Gina Ortiz Jones says, “My story starts 40 years ago when my mom came to this country. She wanted a chance at the American Dream. She told us ‘prepare yourself, work hard and give back.’ It was my mother’s example that showed me the importance of protecting the opportunities I was so fortunate to have being born in this Country.”

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Interview: Texas Congressional Candidate Dr. Christine Mann Tells Her Story

Dr. Christine Mann shares about realizing her childhood dream of becoming a doctor and now running for Congress in Texas’s 31st district.

When we asked her about her childhood dream of being a doctor, Dr. Christine Mann says, “Growing up it was something I always wanted to do. It was about helping others.”

Then we asked her about that moment when she decided to run for Congress, Dr. Mann says, “After the 2016 election when I saw tables of white men making decisions for women I realized fewer than 20% of elective offices are held by women. I thought, ‘That is not right.'”

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Interview: Candidate Rachel Roberts Talks About Running for State Senate

While we were at the Ludlow Cafe in Cincinnati interviewing the Cincinnati March for Our Lives organizer, Rasleen Krupp, Rachel Roberts stops by our table to talk about her run for the Kentucky State Senate.

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1 Minute Travel Highlights. Kentucky Wrap Up. Back to LA.

What a week it was. From Lexington, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio, we met courageous women with fascinating stories all running for political office in 2018. And some last minute interviews with another candidate and with the young woman heading up the March For Our Lives movement in Cincinnati.

Thanks to Amy McGrath, Denise Gray, Patti Piatt, Rachel Roberts and Rasleen Krupp. Also special thanks to Patti’s husband John for doing a little camera work for us. Women2018 is a group effort.

Stay tuned for Texas next week!

1 Minute Travel Highlights. Cincinnati Crisis. Were the Keys Found?

We were headed for CVG airport in Cincinnati for our long flight home to LA. We give our ticket to the valet and then he goes off to get our car. Many minutes go by. No sign of him. All the valets have a look on their faces. They can’t find our rental car keys. Did they find them?